New Features

Rentman is constantly updated to include new features to keep our clients ahead of their competitors and up to date with new legislation. Below is a list of our most recent enhancements.

July 2018 4.501.342

  • New More date info on sage export.
  • New Export to sage will now include void invoices.

June 2018 4.501.320

  • New Export invoices to sage now has an ‘until’ date.

May 2018 4.501.296

  • New External Services(GDPR) screen now shows people who have and have not given consent for each service.
  • New Branch and Bank Transfers (Invoices) screen can now be filtered by branch.
  • New New version of GDPR letters.

April 2018 4.501.291

  • New “Properties with insufficient EPC rating” list in main treeview under “Properties”; right click to mark a property as exempted.
  • New Prevent (or discourage) marketing of properties with F or G level EPC.

March 2018 4.501.272

  • New Rightmove property types for residential, commercial and industrial development recognised and uploaded to Rightmove & OTM.
  • New Right click on Job sheets awaiting invoices list to mark a invoice not required.
  • New GDPR consent mechanism. See Help guide.

February 2018 4.501.255

  • New Company cost centre and department code added to export of invoices for sage. The Dept Code is 1,2,3,4 or 5 for Let Only,Renewal,Management,Admin Fees and Sales Invoices respectively.

January 2018 4.501.246

  • New Lloyrds Commercial bank import format.

December 2017 4.501.230

  • New SEPA XML format for BACS uploads in Eire.

November 2017 4.501.229

  • New Sales Deposits Held list in main desktop treeview.

October 2017 4.501.224

  • New Date of Birth for applicants.
  • New For Eire the PPS number will appear amongst tenant’s details on agreements.

September 2017 4.501.200

  • New Applicant match emails shows if a property is already Under Offer.

August 2017 4.501.194

  • New Landlord and tenant portal option. Landlords and tenants can view their documents and accounts.
  • New Changes for RPost API for registered email and eSignatures

July 2017 4.501.191

  • New Support for On The Market’s realtime upload.
  • New Landlord’s print statement now optionally includes “DirectToLandlord” payments.

June 2017 4.501.167

  • New FixFlo Plus integration.
  • New Exclude tenants from LHA calculation. When a family makes a single LHA claim tick this for all tenants apart from the one named in the application.
  • New Option to exlude “Under offer” properties from web portal uploads.
  • New Right click on bills on vendors screen to delete.
  • New Creating the tenant’s checkout invoice prompts to pay the invoice with the deposit.
  • New Select branch for client account disbursements report.

May 2017 4.501.149

  • New Landlord’s screen, Properties tab will show if a property has been withdrawn or if a tenancy has ended.
  • New Valuation Appointment confirmation letter. Rentman can send a confirmation letter to the landlord when you first save the appointment (or change the time thereafter).
  • New Rentman uploads Hotel and Restaurant property types to Rightmove

April 2017 4.501.140

  • New Main treeview item “applicants subscribed to matched list”. Right click to unsubscribe an applicant.

March 2017 4.501.136

  • New To Do lists for user with only a lettings licence will include properties for sale where there is an active tenancy still.
  • New Right click on Oil Safety list to send letter to landlord.
  • New Expected tenant’s top-up for LHA tenants. See help guide for details.
  • New Eire: Part 4 warnings when tenancies approach 48 and 96 months anniversaries.

February 2017 4.501.121

  • New Easier to manage multiple Rightmove real-time accounts (e.g. separate branch ids for lettings and sales).
  • New Option to include rent overpayments on management statement.
  • New Option to show “pm” rather than “pcm” on advertising materials.
  • New Right click on Certificate attachment to remove or replace.

January 2017 4.500.996

  • New NatWest’s Bankline format in BACS output.
  • New Updated Section 21 for England.

December 2016 4.500.983

  • New Updated agreements for all deposit schemes taking into account the Immigration Act 2016 requirement on the 1st December 2016
  • New New Changes to Section 8 in England & Wales including Grounds 7B for England taking into account the Immigration Act 2016 requirement.
  • New “Current Tenancies with LHA tenants” under “Tenancies” in main desktop treeview.

November 2016 4.500.980

  • New New Opening Balance Wizard
  • New New Management licence for let only properties in Wales.
  • New New All Deals report under Tenancies Menu now has option to show tenancies that ended in a specified date range

October 2016 4.500.955

  • New New bulk mail option… “My Active Tenants”
  • New New Trial Balance screen

September 2016 4.500.941

  • New Lloyds Commercial BACS export format.
  • New For Eire…. Create BER certificate charts.
  • New Remove and add new keys photo on viewing tab of property screen by right-clicking an existing photo.
  • New Gas Safety Certificates now show for Eire.
  • New Contractors can now be marked as checking in or checking out a tenancy.
  • New Rightmove Uploads screen shows current status of properties and their last upload to rightmove.
  • New Search and locate now able to filter by property’s number and street .e.g. type “45 high st”.

August 2016 4.500.929

  • New Offers deposits posted to solicitors by bank transfer now appear in BACS screens.
  • New Additional charts

July 2016 4.500.912

  • New Bank details for contacts.
  • New Attach photos of keys to a property from ‘viewing’ tab of property screen.
  • New Property address now included when you export tasks as raw excel data from Management prints & reports menu.

June 2016 4.500.895

  • New Support for Growth Track
  • New Caters for another change to the Zoopla applicant email.

May 2016 4.500.882

  • New Properties For Sale & To Let being sent to Righmove as For Sale only as Rightmove does not support For Sale & To let. Rentman’s uploader now uploads a copy of the property as To Let.
  • New Ability to set LHA amount for varying periods.
  • New Advertise Properties screen will prevent users from ticking a property that has no portals set up as allowed on the Property Screen’s advertising tab.

April 2016 4.500.865

  • New Click “actions” on recurring invoices screen to view (and print) all recurring invoices.
  • New List all new instructions in a specified date range from “properties/prints and reports/new instructions” in the menu.
  • New List properties withdrawn in a specified date range from “properties/prints and reports/Properties withdrawn” in the menu.

March 2016 4.500.843

  • New Ability to specify a bank import transaction as other income.
  • New Lloyds Corporate format for BACS export.
  • New Additional option to send a message to erect a “For Sale” or “To Let” sign when a property becomes available. See Defaults tab of Company Preferences.

February 2016 4.500.836

  • New Upload to Mindworking now send the EER and EIR grade (A,B,C,D etc) rather than the actual value.
  • New Right to Rent details for Permitted Occupants.
  • New Fourth landlord allowed on multiple landlord screen.
  • New Ability to select which internet sites a property is to be advertised on. See advertising tab of property screen.

January 2016 4.500.830

  • New Rentman will now cache Office365 autodiscover XML to improve logon times.
  • New Option on User Preferences screen to prevent a user (even a Management or Accounts user) from being able to receive or pay bills.
  • New Reports showing property price will include +VAT for commercial properties.
  • New Renewal Fees for deals automatically created if set in Tenant Fees tab of company Preferences/Defaults
  • New Import applicants from Rightmove automatically.
  • New Option to upload tenants, contractors and contacts to MS Outlook.

December 2015 4.500.799

  • New Select the day of the month for monthly management statements to be sent.
  • New Next statement date on statement due and buildings with non zero balances.
  • New Rent outstanding and overpaid at year end report.
  • New Bulk Documents under file menu. Enables user to send an individual document to selected landlord/tenant/applicant
  • New New item in main desktop treeview - Rent Collection Only buildings .
  • New Pets allowed indicator for rental properties. Will be uploaded to websites in Rentman XML and Realtime Rightmove. Will also be included in applicant match.
  • New Smokers allowed indicator for rental properties. Will be uploaded to websites in Rentman XML and Realtime Rightmove. Will also be included in applicant match.
  • New Option to prevent individual users from being able to receive money into Rentman, See user’s admin tab.
  • New Filter by Branch for Print Envelopes, Export, Print Labels and Bulk Mail under File menu.

November 2015 4.500.786

  • New Drag and drop Favourites items in main desktop treeview to reorder.
  • New Option to run the reconciliation reports as a background task (so you can continue with real work while they run). See User Preferences screen
  • New Option to run the Trail Balance as a background task (so you can continue with real work while it builds). See User Preferences screen.
  • New POA and other price types now available for rental properties.
  • New New Applicant’s custom status. Add new statuses using System/Setup/Types menu.
  • New Applicants by Status under Applicants in main desktop treeview.
  • New Applicants by Mailing List under Applicants in main desktop treeview. This could be also used as a “status” tag. For example create new Mailing lists called “Hot”, ”Actively Looking”, “Top Priority”, “Just Browsing”.
  • New Landlords by Mailing List. As above but for landlords.
  • New Vendors by Mailing List. As above but for vendors.
  • New Contacts by Mailing List. As above but for contacts.
  • New Attachments added to cloud Rentman will be uploaded to the server as a background task (in the same way that photos are). So you don’t have to wait if large files take a long while to upload.
  • New Remember Me option when logging into cloud Rentman. If this is ticked subsequent logins using your cloud username will log directly into Rentman.
  • New Outstanding job sheet quotes will show on building management summary and statement preview.
  • New Water Meter number (or WPRN in Eire) on property screen utilities tab.
  • New “Right to Rent” type for the tenant (e.g. British Citizen) and add a photocopy using the “Add Proof” button. If a Visa also enter the expiry date.
  • New “Right to Rent proof required” in todo list indicates those tenants where the proof has not been entered into Rentman (and the start date of the tenancy is after 1st Feb 2016)
  • New “Tenants with Visas expiring” in ToDo list indicates those tenants whose visa is about to expire.
  • New New style Create Management Statement screen.
  • New Specify number of months for break clause on deal screen. Default is 6.
  • New Management screen, statement tab now shows commission and payment to landlord without having to go into the “Create Statement” page. Hover the mouse over the Commission and Payment amounts to see a breakdown of the calculations.
  • New Integration with
  • New Option on building management to charge commission on “rent due” during the statement period. This is useful when you have received many months rent in advance and are releasing it to landlord monthly.
  • New Option to set the default management statement template for each building. This can be overridden when you run the statement. Useful for when you print the statement on cheque stationary for some landlords.

October 2015 - 4.500.751

  • New Multiple mailing lists for tenants (see admin tab of deal screen).
  • New Option to prevent specific users uploading to internet portals (see admin tab of user preferences).
  • New Section 21 Notice for England (for tenancies created or renewed after 1st October 2015).
  • New Option to only resize photos on upload to internet portals and websites. Means a large high quality photo can be imported into Rentman and used for brochures etc but a resized image is uploaded to the internet. The image embedded into Rentman remains unchanged.
  • New Split Transaction on bank import. Once you have selected the deal or property a transaction applies to tick the Split checkbox on the import grid and Rentman displays a new screen for you to split one bank transaction between deal sheet balance, rent and outstanding invoices.
  • New Option on diary screen to show only tasks assigned to selected user.

September 2015 - 4.500.734

  • New Enter number of smoke and CO alarms on Property Screen’s Letting info tab. Todo List has new item showing rental properties (either available or with current tenants) without smoke or CO alarms.
  • New Enter that smoke and CO alarms have been tested on deal’s checkin tab. ToDo list shows tenancies about to begin where the alarms have not been tested.
  • New Print (or attach to emails) Gas Safety and EPC certificates from deal print screen.
  • New Print (or email) Government’s “How to Rent” document from deal print screen. (UK only)
  • New England & Wales now separate option in regional settings. On update most customers will be set to England unless Rentman recognizes Wales in the company address.
  • New Appointment subject dropdown filtered to favourite 25 subjects.
  • New Buildings marked as “Direct to Landlord” (see options tab) are excluded from rent overdue list.
  • New Direct to Landlord buildings is a new item on the main desktop treeview.
  • New Direct to Landlord Rent is a new option under Management in the main menu. Will list all such rents and enable you to receive if required.
  • New Synchronising tasks with Office365 (or MS Exchange) will now only upload tasks assigned to the user in question.
  • New Deal Print screen shows history of documents printed for the deal
  • New Mark an area as “default” and new applicants will have it listed as their preferred area(s). See Misc/Areas in system menu.

August 2015 - 4.500.710

  • New Watermark photographs. Option to watermark on import to Rentman (in which case the watermark will appear on brochures, window displays etc) or on upload (in which case Rentman adds the watermark as it uploads to the internet portals.
  • New Options on Bulk Mail and Export screens to mail/export “Landlords of MY Managed Properties” and “Current Tenants of MY Managed Properties”. Useful for property managers to send emails to just their tenants and landlords.
  • New All Properties in main treeview now shows current EPC (EER) rating.
  • New Other Income screen has option to print a receipt.
  • New Add multiple attachments to Inspection screen at same time.
  • New Rent per quarter option on property and applicant screens
  • New Data Privacy opt out checkbox on Deal and Applicant screens. If this is ticked the tenancy/applicant details will not be uploaded to 3rd party companies.
  • New Deal sheets will have text regarding data privacy and sharing of data with 3rd parties.
  • New Bank Transfers (Invoices) screen shows branches.
  • New Rent per annum option on property and applicant screens.
  • New “Deposits retained against expenses” and “Deposits return to tenant” items in desktop treeview (under Tenancies/Deposits)
  • New Option to exclude some rows from bank import wizard.
  • New Open House dates can be uploaded to website using Rentman XML. Simply create an appointment for the property with “What” set to “Open House”
  • New Only ToDo List items should be filter by Property Manager when selected.
  • New Regional options for Dubai.
  • New Performance improvement and progress monitor on bank reconciliation.

July 2015 - 4.500.675

  • New Rightmove uploader will recognize a property type of “Land” or “Residential Land” and upload to Rightmove as type 20.
  • New Right click on Tenant to make into an applicant (e.g. when a tenancy is expiring and tenant is looking for another property)
  • New XML v2 uploader can embed HTML tags inside CDATA if required. =setoption(“cdataxml”,1)
  • New Add new property from appointment screen.
  • New Applicant status option “Nothing to Sell”.
  • New Search status on offer screen “Not Applicable”.
  • New Option to remove dates from management commission invoice.
  • New Assign Property Manager’s to have Inspections assigned to them.

June 2015- 4.500.654

  • New Sage Reference now appears on deal and contact screens.
  • New Launch Rentman diary on startup. See user Preferences.
  • New Option in user preferences to have the diary open as a separate window from the main Rentman screen. This is especially useful if you have two monitors… the diary can be dragged to the second monitor.
  • New Rentman will upload property types Apartment, Penthouse and Plot to Rightmove and Zoopla as types 28, 29 and 110 respectively (which Rightmove recognizes as Apartment, Penthouse and Plot).

May 2015 - 4.500.647

  • New Export and bulk mail to Landlords of Valuation properties.
  • New Filter Todo List by property manager on building screen. Option in user preferences.

April 2015 - 4.500.627

  • New Improved performance on loading most screens.
  • New Rentman will only show your most commonly used journal subjects in the drop down - speeds up loading of journal screen.

March 2015 - 4.500.621

  • New Update to Google calendar synchronization to use latest version of the Google API.
  • New Make the vendor of a property (i.e. the “landlord”) into an applicant. Click the Actions button on the landlord screen and click “make this vendor an applicant”.
  • New When you change an Offer to SSTC the applicant will be marked as archived.
  • New Option to show “Freehold” text in price on advertising materials.
  • New Backups over 2gb.

February 2015 - 4.500.582

  • New Drag and drop enquiry emails from
  • New Option to withhold rent overpayments for managed properties.
  • New Option and ToDo List reminder for Regulated Tenancies. See contract type on Tenancy Details tab of Deal screen.
  • New Option to set the number of days between a tenancy ending and the new available date for the property. See Company preferences, Extended tab under System.
  • New Contractor’s Public Liability. New Liability Expired item in todo list and new tab on contractor screen for Liability insurance information.
  • New Options for Sales and Lettings only applicants in Bulk Mail selection.

January 2015 - 4.500.555

  • New BACS export in BACSTEL-IP format used by NatWest.
  • New The text in the tenantfees document was intended for display materials (appended to the price) as well as uploads to Zoopla, Rightmove et al but many customers have used this document for long descriptions of all possible fees. From this version on Rentman will use a new document (shorttenantfees) for the short text appended to the price. This text will by default appear on window displays, brochures, applicant match emails and the like.
  • New Multiple attachments for warranties.