Making Your Management Easy - Running a successful letting agency is hard work. There’s all manner of tasks that need to be completed and relationships that have to be managed if everything is to go smoothly. Take maintenance for example, there’s all sort of things that can go wrong in a rental property and you’ll need to ensure they are taken care of quickly and professionally if tenants and landlords are to be kept happy. Many of these tasks will require the use of contractors and your agency’s relationship with these companies must be managed properly to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

There’s plenty of other things that need to be managed, ranging from ensuring inspections are carried out on a regular basis to making sure detailed inventories are compiled whenever a new tenancy starts.

Certifications are another area that can take up a lot of time, as every property needs valid documentation concerning energy performance, gas and electrical safety and more. All of this can be taken care of through Rentman’s letting agency software. Take a look at the information below for more details.

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    Easily record contractor contact details and Rentman will automatically track any activity.

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    • Create different contractor types
    • Record contractor bank details for bank transfer payments
    • Printable history of all invoices and payments
    • Receive a batch invoice for multiple jobs a different properties
    • Pay a batch of bills with one payment
    • Track contractor activity
    • Mark up or pay short contractor bills
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    Maintenance and Tasking

    Easily monitor and track contractor jobs and tasks and record the communication history about a job.

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    Relax while Rentman takes care of remembering expiry dates of safety certificates, HMO licences and insurance premiums and prompts you to renew them.

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    • Scan and attach copies of certificates against records
    • Specify how many days in advance the prompt is
    • Gas certificates
    • PAT safety certificates
    • Fire safety certificates
    • Electrical safety certificates
    • HMO licences
    • Insurance premiums
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    Job Sheets

    Instantly create a job sheet with a sequential job number from an entered task that contains all the relevant information including job instructions, map, and quoted price.

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    EPC Certificates

    Record EPC details and get expiry prompts. Rentman creates the graph for insertion on advertising and uploading to portals and websites. Also attach scanned copies of the complete certificate.

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    Inspections Module

    Schedule recurring prompts for inspections and afterwards print or email the report which Rentman creates.

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    Attach a copy of the property inventory against the tenancy record.

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    With Rentman’s Warranty and Preferred Contractor Module instructing the wrong contractor. Easily track appliances that have warranties or landlord’s own maintenance contracts or landlord’s preferred contractors.

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    My Mobile

    Rentman can send jobs/tasks via the mymobileworker system directly to an operative’s mobile phone. Easy, instant communication with your maintenace team or contractors.

Need a hand in managing your agency? Rentman’s letting agent software ensures you have every detail at your fingertips and makes the management process easy, accessible and far less time consuming.

This isn’t the only way our property management software can help you however, as it also covers everything from marketing through to admin. You can learn more about how we can help your agency by clicking here.

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