Top reasons letting agency software is a useful tool for your operations

by Gary Whittaker

Being a letting agent is not an easy job. In a market where renting homes has become more common than ever before, letting agents are constantly on the go and having to deal with a million things at once in order to get things done. 

It can be an incredibly stressful role to deal with, which means it's always good to have a little helping hand wherever possible. This can come in the form of reliable letting agency software, which can go a long way to making the job a little easier. Here, we take a look at some of the most impressive ways that letting agency software can help you. 

Getting your admin done

The little things can be the most difficult to keep track of for any letting agent, but it's often these little things that really need to be kept on top of in order to make your venture a success, and this is where letting agency software can step in. 

Whether it's looking after keys and knowing where they are, keeping a timetable of meetings and viewings, or dealing with tenant referencing, having a virtual assistant that keeps tabs on your admin frees you up for other tasks and keeps the little things ticking over. 

Getting marketing right

It might be a market that's thriving on the back of more demand than ever before at the moment, but the fact remains that without the right marketing efforts, you're still not going to be getting your properties in front of the right people, and finding new tenants. 

Letting agency software is a priceless tool in this regard, allowing you to put together property marketing materials, and helping you get them in front of the right people through portal and email promotion. 

Property management

From property inspections to repairs and maintenance, and everything between, managing the day-to-day running of a portfolio of properties can be a challenge when there's so much to get done, but thankfully letting agency software can help you get it right for everyone involved. 

From managing the expectations of tenants and interacting with them, to keeping a good working relationship with contractors, letting agency software lets you manage appointments, payments and relationships simply to make sure everything is done in good time. Keeping detailed inventories at the start of the lettings process, also a huge part of managing any property, is also made easy, with everything stored and time stamped on the system. 

Legal compliance

There are a number of things that letting agents need to make sure they are always doing so that they are operating within the law and not getting anything wrong, such as ensuring that gas checks are carried out, or making sure that all tenancy deposits are tracked and protected in the correct and legal manner. 

With letting agency software, compliance with these legal requirements has never been easier, allowing you to track progress in this regard, and alerting you whenever updates need to be carried out in a timely manner. 

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26-October-17Property Management