Rental properties still at burglary risk in summer

by Gary Whittaker

Landlords and letting agencies will have a wide array of issues to deal with over the course of any year, but the winter months are the worst for insurance claims and the need for repair work as a consequence of burglaries. 

It is well known that the cover darkness offers is a help to those who like to break into properties unseen, while times like Christmas offer rich pickings - many of which can be plucked from right under the tree. 

However, the danger is not over now the day is longer than the night. There may not be as much darkness to hide in, but increased light can make valuables left within sight of windows more visible to opportunistic thieves, Co-operative Insurance has warned.

It said the number of 'opportunistic burglaries' rises by 23 per cent after the clocks go forward - which they will this Sunday (March 25th), as goods left in clear sight become all too visible and tempting for thieves. 

Indeed, with summer being a time when doors may be left open or at least unlocked as people look to go outside more, there will be more chances to gain access to a property without forcing open a door or window. 

Opportunistic thefts account for 37 per cent of burglaries committed during British summer Time, compared with only 30 per cent in the winter months. 

For landlords and agents, this can impact on the insurance premiums for a property, and will provide another good reason to ensure that burglar alarms and other anti-theft measures are kept in good condition. It may also help to keep tenants well-informed about the risks to their belongings.

Halifax Home Insurance issued its own burglary warning this week, noting that summer can see outdoor furniture and equipment being targeted as it is often left outside or unsecured in out-buildings. 

Head of underwriting David Rochester said: "Burglars will follow the path of least resistance, which means that they will often try to get through unlocked windows and doors, or an outdoor shed or garage that isn’t properly secured."

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22-March-18Property Management