One in three buyers experiences regrets after their purchase

by Gary Whittaker

People nationwide could be jumping in too fast when it comes to purchasing homes, a new study has found, revealing that many people soon find that what they thought was going to be their dream house is not. 

As many as a third of people across the UK who have got onto the property ladder say they saw their dream disappear within a matter of months of moving in. According to the results of the survey, the majority of these buyers have considered selling this home and moving somewhere else as a result, while five per cent said they started looking for a new home as soon as they could. 

Some of the reasons people find that they don't love their new house as much as they expected to are hidden, hard to see factors that might not have reared their head during viewings. Things like heavy traffic at peak times, loud or disruptive neighbours and other unexpected issues are to blame in the majority of cases. 

The average time it takes for the 35 per cent of people to realise that what they thought was their dream home is not was five months, with 41 per cent of this group stating that loud neighbours were ruining their serenity. 

Following on from this in second place was heavy traffic, with 33 per cent of people citing this as a major issue, and parents parking in the street when taking their kids to school, which affected 24 per cent of people. Another 20 per cent said their street was filled with litter, which had put them off after they moved in. 

"There’s nothing more exciting that finding your dream home, but then there’s nothing worse than moving into your dream home and realising it’s not as much of a dream as you had hoped," said Tanya Irons, spokesperson for Hillarys.

"Whether your neighbours are unbearable, the house is falling down around you or the traffic outside is loud and constant, the smallest thing can make the dream come crashing down. It’s always worth being realistic as nothing’s ever perfect and you need to make the most of the situation," she added. 

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25-October-17General Lettings News