New homes could save £700 per year for residents

by Gary Whittaker

Landlords in the UK looking to expand their portfolios could do worse than look at brand new properties, which have a unique selling point that could go a long way to attracting new tenants. 

According to new data analysed by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), new build properties across the nation can save residents massively in terms of their spend on gas and electricity. The report states that those living in such homes can save as much as £700 per year on their energy bills thanks to new methods of promoting sustainability. 

It said that the reason for this is that energy efficiency has become a major focus when designing new homes, with 84.4 per cent of new properties now being in band A or B for energy performance. This is a huge proportion, especially when compared to the two per cent of existing homes that fall into these bands. 

"Today’s new homes are significantly more energy efficient than their predecessors, delivering huge benefits both for their owners and the environment. Owners are saving hundreds of pounds a year in energy bills due to the modern design of their homes and the materials used to construct them," said Stewart Baseley, HBF’s executive chairman.

As a result of homes being built more efficiently, it was discovered that the average new build resident spends around £443 on their energy bills. This is well below the £1,072 that the average person living in an older home will spend, showing the huge savings that can be made. 

Such properties can be a huge selling point for the private rented sector, with many tenants looking to save money where they can. So landlords could do worse than to turn their attention to new homes with high energy performance ratings. 

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23-October-17General Lettings News