Favourite homes for burglars revealed in survey

by Gary Whittaker

Conscientious landlords and letting agents will always be keen to ensure their properties are as secure as they can be, giving those they let to peace of mind when it comes to their safety and that of their possessions. 

However, whether a home is rented or owner-occupied, there will always be those with sticky fingers looking for an opportunity to break in and steal some valuables. For landlords, that can mean a lot of insurance claims, as well as needing to carry out repairs where a forced entry has been made or alarms damaged. 

New research data from insurance firm Churchill may help, however. It has identified that some kinds of property are at much greater risk of being burgled than others. This information can help with buying decisions for those investing in rented property, while prompting those letting out high-risk homes to do more to ensure they are secure. 

Those letting out three-bedroom homes should be aware that these properties account for 46 per cent of all break-ins. Semi-detached properties with this many rooms are most at risk, while three-bed terraced homes are the third most commonly burgled. The second most frequently targeted are four-bedroom homes. 

Obvious reasons for this risk may include the simple fact that homes with more rooms are likely to house more people, thus increasing the number of personal possessions that can be snatched by thieves.  

For landlords investing in terraced homes, purchasing one in the middle rather than at the end is a wise security move. Since most rows of terracing contain more than four homes, end terraces make up far less than a quarter of such properties, but suffer 28 per cent of burglaries in terraced homes. 

The situation is even more acute with flats, where 65 per cent of burglaries occur on the ground floor. 

Head of Churchill Home Insurance Martin Scott said: "It is clear the risk of burglary is directly related to the ease of access and location of a property.

"Factors, such as living on a ground-floor flat, or at an end-terrace house, do present easier access for burglars and homeowners should be vigilant to this risk and take appropriate steps to protect their homes."

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04-April-18General Lettings News