Data is money in this digital age and it’s never been more important that your agency’s information is safe and secure. If you use Rentman’s estate and letting agent software you can be confident that this is the case.

We pride ourselves on making sure every angle is covered when it comes to protecting your vital data. That way you can rest assured that your information is kept safe from unauthorised access and will be securely backed up should anything happen to your computer network.

Whether you opt for our desktop or cloud offering, your data will be in safe hands regardless.

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    User Access to Rentman

    Five levels of user access ensure you control what your staff can do and see. And that’s not all, Rentman tracks everything a member of staff does do so you can see exactly what they have been doing.

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    Backing Up a Desktop Rentman

    Regular backups are crucial and although Rentman makes it so easy to do, if you do forget it will nag you untill you do. You can backup to a hard drive, memory stick, CD or email it somewhere safe. We also recommend Rentman’s data files are also part of your companywide backup procedure just to make double sure.

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    Rentman Cloud Security

    We have outsourced the management of our Cloud servers to YourOfficeAnywhere which is part of the Cardium Group – a company that has been at the forefront of the technology behind remote desktop applications and has lead the way in Cloud based computing.

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    The whole solution is hosted on the latest quad core Dell rack mounted servers. Because Rentman Cloud is available from any secure web browser SSL 128 bit encryption is used.

    There are two data centre’s located in Manchester approximately two miles apart within the main internet (T1) hub of Manchester. The design and implementation of the system was performed using Microsoft best practices and support from Microsoft.

    Data Centre 1 contains a server for backups which backs up the backup servers’ disk in Data Centre 2 so the data backups are available in case of a site failure at Data Centre 2. This provides total resilience in case of a disaster.

If you’d like to know more about how Rentman’s property management software could help your letting or estate agency, why not see for yourself? You can arrange a free webinar demo by clicking the link above. That way you’ll get a first-hand taste of what Rentman could do for you.

Our mission is to be much more than just a software provider and that’s why we’ll provide you with comprehensive training and support to ensure you unlock the full benefits our software has to offer.

Take a look at our features page to learn more about the different areas of your business Rentman can help with.

Got some questions? Feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of our team.