Ultra-fast broadband takes control as the number one housing demand

by Gary Whittaker

In the modern world, what buyers and tenants are looking for from their homes has been changing and evolving in the face of emerging technologies and new trends. And now, a major housebuilder's survey has discovered that superfast broadband is one of the most important things to those looking for a new place to live; almost on par with running water and an electricity supply. 

According to the Berkeley Group, those who are looking at moving into homes that have recently been built are increasingly looking for a fast broadband connection to be available from the moment they move in. Many even said they would potentially decide to look elsewhere if they found out that ultra-fast internet was not available. 

"For new home buyers, high speed broadband has almost become a given now, it is like the power steering on a car, no one asks whether the car they’re buying has it anymore," said Berkeley’s chief executive, Rob Perrins.

"If we weren’t able to offer fibre, I think there would be the real prospect of some people walking away from property sales. It is definitely a factor in the decision making process for people buying new homes," he added.

This is part of a trend that has been emerging increasingly over the last few years. Where there used to be demand for things like front gardens, spacious rooms and good schools in the vicinity, this has increasingly been replaced by good nightlife nearby, strong transport links for commuting and fast internet connections. It's all part of the influence that younger tenants and buyers are having on the market. 

Openreach said it is committed to installing superfast connections in more than 12 million homes and businesses by the end of 2020, largely as a result of the demand from house hunters. 

"We know that people are passionate about the speed and reliability of the broadband service that their communication provider can offer them, and for some the availability of ultrafast speeds will strongly influence their decision on which new property to buy," said Kim Mears, managing director of Infrastructure Delivery at Openreach.

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26-July-17General Lettings News