UK property landlords doing their part to improve energy efficiency

by Gary Whittaker

Energy efficiency has been an increasingly important factor for homeowners and tenants alike over the last few years. People looking to save money on their energy bills are now more attracted to homes that have a strong energy rating and can help keep costs down. 

And according to a new report, finding such properties in the rental sector is now far easier than it used to be, with a new law set to come into play next year helping to push energy efficiency in the market. 

From April 2018, landlords who own homes with energy ratings in bad F or G will no longer be able to put their properties up for rent. This has spurred many on to make their flats and houses more efficient, which is to the benefit of tenants nationwide. 

In fact, such has been the rate of uptake for more efficient and sustainable measures, including solar panels, LED lighting and other tactics, that only five per cent of properties in the rental market now fall into the two low-efficiency bands. 

"Our study has found that landlords are making significant investments into improving the energy efficiency of their properties, and this is part of a bigger trend," said Gareth Howell, managing director of AXA Direct, which looked into the rise of efficiency in the market. 

He went on to say that this change is part of a larger trend nationwide, in which landlords are going out of their way to make sure tenants have a more positive experience when renting from them. He said that energy efficiency follows hot on the heels of improvements to maintenance, property security and the volume of tenants across the market who have a proper tenancy agreement in place. 

"They are, by and large, professionalising and investing more seriously in their tenants’ comfort and the future health of their rental properties. Pockets of failure exist in this market, but it is not the story for the vast majority," Mr Howell added. 

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06-October-17General Lettings News