Pictures, amenities and cleanliness: Top tips for marketing properties to rent this summer

by Gary Whittaker

The rental market already houses more than five million tenants in the private sector. And at the rate it's growing, it's expected that within the next few years, this will have expanded by a further 24 per cent, showing just how many potential tenants are out there for letting agents to target with property they bring to market. 
However, for every new tenant that is looking for a new place to rent, there will be new homes also being listed for rent. This makes for a very competitive rental market, and letting agents need to make sure they are employing strong tactics for their listings in order to ensure they have the best chance of securing the right tenant. Here, we take a look at some top tips for marketing property this summer. 
In a world where property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla are the go-to place for tenants to look for somewhere to live, it's important to stand out, and that means making the most of photographs of the property. Most agents will list a property with a number of images uploaded, so those that don't do so effectively will be likely to see their own homes overlooked as tenants scroll on past. 

Taking pictures of as many rooms in the home as possible is important, making sure you show off as much of the property as you can to potential tenants. Remember, you want someone to come and live there, so you need to show them what they're getting. With so many properties to choose from, if yours leaves an air of mystery with regards the interior, then chances are your potential tenant will choose to view others instead. 
At this time of year, it makes sense to use the weather to your advantage as well. Try to get in and snap some photos when the sun is shining to give your listing that summery look. It makes it more enticing, and gives tenants a brighter outlook on the home from the start. 

When listing property to rent, there are a number of important things that the majority of letting agents will highlight to potential tenants. However, times are changing, and people might not be looking for the same sort of info they were in the past. 
While you might previously have made sure the listing included the size of bedrooms, the proximity to the nearest good schools and council tax bands, your newer tenants will be looking for different types of information. Make sure you let them know what internet speeds they can expect, how far it is to the nearest bus stop or train station and the energy rating of the property. Knowing what modern tenants want is vital when it comes to finding lettings success. 
Making sure the home is well-tidied and looking at its best before you list it to rent seems like common sense, but it's not all about running a mop across the floors and ensuring the dishes are put away. New surveys have shown that any sort of clutter at all in the property can put off a tenant, be it in photos or at a viewing in person. 
If the property you're listing has anything lying around that doesn't need to be there, it can be a distraction for the tenant. For example, on viewings, one study found that potential tenants will spend more than half their time focussing on clutter rather than actually taking in the positives of the property, meaning they may miss vital things and look elsewhere rather than renting your home. For this reason, it can pay to make sure you give the home a good tidy before any marketing begins. 
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16-June-17Property Management