Little things that can make a difference when showing properties

by Gary Whittaker

There are more homes available in the rental market today than there have ever been before. This means that there are thousands of viewings being carried out each day, as tenants look to find the perfect place to live. As a letting agent, it's your job to make sure that your properties stand out from the crowd when people come to see them. But this is about more than just the property itself; the viewing can also make a real difference. 

Here, we take a look at a few ways agents can improve their own viewings for tenants, and give themselves a real chance of success in the process. 

Individual viewings

As the demand for property in the private rented sector has soared, so too has the number of viewings where there are more than one set of potential tenants present. Of course, this can be very convenient for the agent and landlord, as it means you get more eyes on your property in as short a time as possible, as well as a better chance of finding a tenant.

For tenants, however, this can be off putting. It can convey a lack of a personal touch from the letting agent, as well as discouraging the people viewing the home from asking questions they might have asked otherwise, lowering the chance that they'll sign on the dotted line. Individual viewings might take longer, but they can be incredibly valuable.

Evening appointments

The majority of private rented sector tenants these days are young professionals. And the majority of that group are working the standard 9-to-5 day during the week, so it can be frustrating if the only appointments they can get to see a house are during their time at work, meaning they have to take time off or lose their lunch break. 

Agents who offer viewings outside of the working day will be looked upon far more favourably by potential tenants for this reason. Even just bumping an appointment until 5:30pm or 6pm can be a huge boost and allow the tenant to come to the viewing without having to worry about getting back to the office as soon as they can. 

Answer questions

Tenants are, more often than ever before, looking for a home rather than just something short term when they come to the rental market. This means they are far more scrutinising than they've been in the past, wanting to know more about the property, their neighbours and the surrounding area. 

As an agent, it's your job to know your stuff in this regard, so when the tenant comes to you with a question, you can answer without having to delay or get back to them afterwards. Things like the distance to the nearest transport hub, the prospects for a good night out and where they can go to shop or take the kids to school are just a few of the things that any agent should be looking up before a viewing, so they can give tenants a quick and useful answer that makes them more likely to take on the property. 

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12-October-17Property Management