Less than a quarter of Brits live in their dream home, data shows

by Gary Whittaker

It's always been seen as something of a milestone to buy a home in the UK, with many of us having a picture in our heads of what our perfect house or apartment would look like. But a new study appears to show that for the majority, the notion of a perfect home is something they are still far from achieving. 

According to a survey carried out by Halifax Insurance, only 22 per cent of people in the UK said they currently live in their dream home. And it would appear that money does not buy the perfect property either, with 62 per cent of people who live in a house worth more than half a million pounds saying it is still not their idea of perfection. 

When it comes to making improvements to make their property more dreamy, kitchens are at the top of the priority list, with many of those seeking a perfect home looking to upgrade these rooms. This comes ahead of more traditional favourites, such as installing a conservatory or a porch to the home, which have fallen in popularity in recent years. 

Kitchens are top of the list for as many as 37 per cent of people, while many others will be looking to add an extension to their home in order to further improve it. According to Halifax, as many as 22 per cent said they want bigger rooms in their home, while 19 per cent want to add more rooms to their current property, and 17 per cent would like to see additional bathrooms completed. 

Speaking of the report, Melanie Backe-Hansen, historian and author of House Histories, said: "The place of the kitchen has changed dramatically. In this study it takes the top spot on Britain’s dream home wish list, yet in historical terms the kitchen is a relatively modern invention. 

“Where once you’d be lucky to have running water, today it is the ultimate status symbol and where we do most of our entertaining."

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31-August-17General Lettings News