How to provide your tenants with the perfect move in process

by Gary Whittaker

Not all letting agents and tenants will see eye to eye all the time, but a good relationship between the two parties can make the entire rental process somewhat easier for everyone to deal with. Of course, there are times when this becomes difficult to do, but if you look to get it right from the very start, it can make things a whole lot easier. 

Move in day can be a stressful and trying day for any tenant, but it's also the perfect time to get it right for letting agents and make sure you are giving your new tenant a happy start in their new property. Here, we take a look at a few ways to make the move in process a great experience that will put a smile on the resident's face. 

Be present at move in

In many cases, those who are moving into a rental property will find that they are more or less on their own when it comes to the big day. Many agents just ask for the tenant to come to their offices to pick up their keys and then leave them to it. But it can add a little personal touch if you are there as a letting agent to walk them through moving in. 

Setting aside some time to head down and meet the new tenant at the property with the keys for their convenience will let them see that you care, and it shouldn't take too much time out of your day just to be there in case they have any questions about the property or the area they are going to be living in. 

Walk round with the tenant

If you are indeed present throughout the move in process, it can also be a good idea to help the tenant with their walk around and look through the inventory. This is something that the tenant is required to do within a set time of moving in so they can highlight any errors in the inventory, so it can be good for them to do it while the agent is there. 

Doing the walk through with the tenant will let them highlight any problems or discrepancies with you, which is more convenient for them and gives them the peace of mind that you will be looking into any problems from the word go on their behalf. 

Bring a little something

It may seem like a trait more in line with the way American realtors work, but what better way is there to invite someone to their new home than with a little gift ' It doesn't need to be expensive or lavish, but just a little token can put a smile on the tenant's face and ensure you get off on the right foot from the first day. 

All it can take is to bring along a little bunch of flowers or a pint of milk or something else that they may not have on their first day in the new property to make your new tenant feel welcome and to show that you care about them and their life in the new property.

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24-February-17Property Management