How to make the move-in process as pleasant as possible for a tenant

by Gary Whittaker

The fluidity of the rental market in the UK property sector at the moment means that people move in and out of privately let homes all the time. For letting agents, this means being constantly busy, and having to deal with people entering or vacating properties multiple times on a daily basis. 

However, even when you might feel like you're rushed off your feet, remember, it's important that your new tenant has a positive experience when they are moving in to what is about to become their new home. You want to make sure you get off on the right foot with them, because if someone feels settled and at home from the start, then the chances of them becoming long-term tenants, and reducing void periods, is higher. 

So how do you make sure the tenant has a good experience from the off ' Here, we take a look at a few top tips for making the move-in process as pleasant as it can be for new tenants. 

Be a visible presence

Moving day, even as a tenant, is one of the most stressful times anyone can face. Between trying to work out if you've left anything behind and trying to remember how to find the new property, it's a long day that can feel altogether overwhelming. But a letting agent can make it seem a bit less daunting. 

All it takes is to be there on the day for them. Rather than asking the tenant to pick up the keys for their new place at the office, why not meet them there with a welcoming smile? They'll immediately feel more at ease, and will feel that you care about them and their tenancy. They can also air any questions with you there and then, allowing you to address things quickly and sort out any issues. 

Run through the inventory

This is something that tenants often get left to do themselves, and in many cases, they will simply forget that they have a week or so to go through the inventory and report any problems. Many, in fact, will never look at it. This can cause issues at the end of the tenancy, so it's always a good idea, if you're there on move-in day, to run through the inventory with the tenant present. 

This will allow both you and them to make sure everything listed is present and in the condition stated, protecting both parties at the end of the tenancy in the result of any inventory and deposit-related disputes. Being able to be there and get it signed off can be a huge advantage.

Call to check in

Even if you can't be there on move-in day because of a busy schedule, it's still important to let a tenant know that you care and want them to be happy in their new home. So when they pick up the keys, let them know that they can call you in the event of any issues arising, and even go as far as to call them a few hours after they have got the keys, just to make sure they're settling in ok.

Not only does it let them see you care, but they can also feel free to ask any questions or report any issues you might not otherwise hear about. 

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04-August-17Property Management