How to effectively market rental homes to families

by Gary Whittaker

The nature of the rental market is such that it changes all the time, with new groups becoming more or less likely to rent all the time, be that because of a boom in employment for young people, a sharp rise in house prices, or another factor entirely. 

At the moment, one group that has become more prominent than ever before in the PRS is families. According to new reports from the National Landlords Association (NLA), more landlords rent to families with kids than they to any other demographic, thanks largely to the stability that the rental market can now bring, and the fact longer term rents have become more common. With this in mind, letting agents need to ensure they know how best to attract families, to make sure they are not missing out on what has become one of the largest target audiences. 

This can mean it all coming down to marketing. Knowing what to say to families can be the difference maker when trying to convince them to take on a property. 


For those who have kids, it stands to reason that schools are one of the most common features they want to know about, especially given that people will be staying in one place for far longer than they have in the past. In your marketing messages, when appealing to families it can be a good idea to list the schools nearby, and even talk a little about their performance to give parents the peace of mind that their children will be well catered for in the area. 


A little more complicated challenge can be deciding how to describe the home's layout when families are concerned. For example, if you have a property to market with three large rooms, it's common to describe each of the rooms as a bedroom, and advertise it as such. But for those with kids, it can actually be a good idea to market one of the rooms a little differently. Parents see space for the kids to play as an absolute essential, and if you can provide this and show them the home has a space they can dedicate to it, the chances are they'll be interested. 

Outside the home

It's easy to get bogged down in advertisements with the home itself and what's going on indoors, but when trying to appeal to families, you need to think outside the box, and property. Families tend to be looking for more than just a fantastic flat or house; they also want to know that the area around them is family orientated, and that their kids will have other children around to make friends with. So talk about the surrounding neighbourhood and communities a little. This is so important for parents that it would be a huge loss to not make it a priority when marketing. 

The most important thing to remember when marketing properties to families, is that it's an entirely different prospect to what you might be used to. Try to see things from a new angle, and look at it from a parent's point of view to allow yourself the best chance of developing a strong marketing campaign for your family property.

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23-June-16Marketing News