Adapting homes for older people 'could be positive for landlords'

by Gary Whittaker

Making private sector accommodation suitable for older people could be very positive for landlords, the housing minister has suggested.

According to Alok Sharma, more older people than ever are living in rented homes rather than properties that they own, Property Wire reports.

As a result, he believes it is "entirely likely" that adapting homes to suit this demographic could enhance the ability of landlords to "rent the property further to other people with similar needs".

Speaking in front of the Communities and Local Government Committee, Mr Sharma went on to acknowledge that there is currently no joined-up policy on how to house senior citizens across the country.

However, he confirmed that guidance for local authorities for housing older people is currently being drawn up, which reflects the varying needs and circumstances across this demographic.

"This is not really a question of one size fitting all," Mr Sharma commented.

"People will have different needs. Some will want to stay in mainstream housing. 96 per cent of older people are currently in mainstream housing, others may want to look at sheltered housing."

Mr Sharma also stressed that any new policy must reflect the number of older people living in rental accommodation, particularly as it means landlords would have to be considered in upcoming policy changes.

"If there are adaptations to be carried out, it is about making sure they are carried out," he commented.

Mr Sharma stated that making existing homes suitable for older people should not be the only focus, as the government also needs to ensure that newly-built properties are attractive to this demographic.

He added that officials are aiming to talk to local government and charity representatives to get their views on what form this guidance could take.

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05-January-18General Lettings News