5 things that tenants look for when viewing a property

by Gary Whittaker

Beyond the number of bedrooms, location and garden access, there are some specific things that potential tenants look for when viewing properties. A house or apartment could be otherwise perfect, but just a couple of things could put someone off applying for it. 

The way that a property looks when a viewing is taking place can be enough to put a tenant off or have them wanting to take it there and then. While many things will be up to the previous tenants to ensure, it is important that these are thoroughly checked before you start showing a property. This will help to make it look its best and be more in-line with what a prospective tenant is looking for.

Here are five things that people look for when viewing a property and what can put them off renting it:

Clean carpets and floors

It's fairly easy to dust down most areas of a house and give the kitchen and bathrooms a good clean, but often the floors are forgotten about. Stains, marks and even smells coming from the carpet can be incredibly off-putting and are sure to make tenants question what else hasn't been cleaned.

While you may clean carpets prior to viewings taking place, you should also be sure to check them between viewings as people can walk mud and dirt into the house. Having a quick run through with a hoover between viewings and thoroughly cleaning carpets and floors after tenants have moved out could help get another person into the property much quicker.

No awful smells

Whether the previous owner had a pet or just didn't open the windows very often, musty and off-putting smells are enough to make prospective tenants think twice. Even if a smell would be reasonably easy to get rid off, it is something that can be more of a deal breaker than badly decorated rooms. 

Airing out a property fully before viewings and ensuring there are no areas suffering from lingering odours could help make it seem more appealing to potential tenants.

Lots of light

The amount of light that fills a property is an important part of making it look as good as it possibly can. While you can't move windows to try and ensure as much natural sunlight as possible, you can do simple things like making sure the windows are clean.

Getting rid of grime on windows can make sure more light gets in, while cutting back any plants that might also be having an impact is also a good move. This will help make the property look as attractive as possible.

Extra touches

More often than not, potential tenants may not have thought about the need for things like curtains, blinds or lampshades and they can be put off when viewing a house that doesn't include any of these things as it will mean more up-front cost to them. 

Even a couple of these extras can be beneficial to attracting potential tenants, so it can be a good idea to discuss with landlords adding blinds and lampshades to a property. So long as they are listed in the lease and clients are aware they need to replace or pay for them in the event of damage, they could be welcome additions.

Well-maintained garden

If a property does come with a garden, it is important that this looks well-maintained and welcoming. Showing a house with a scruffy and overgrown garden makes a bad impression before someone has stepped through the front door and makes it look like the property needs a lot of work done to it when someone does move in.

A garden doesn't need to be professionally landscaped, but getting rid of rubbish and ensuring the grass is cut can go a long way to making it look better and showing potential tenants that it is easy to maintain.

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17-March-17Property Management